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Why rapid growth declines as movements grow in size - Essay



… now: over 9.4 (+1.1) million cases, 483k deaths
… 6/19: over 8.3 (+0.8) million cases, 450k deaths
… 6/12: over 7.5 (+0.9m) million cases, 421k deaths
… 6/5: over 6.6 (+0.8m) million cases, 391k deaths
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Egypt will gradually resume international flights July 1
… to allow foreign tourists at select resorts

Libya: UN-backed government re-takes control of Tripoli
… Haftar’s military failures disappoint his backers; re-assessing position
… The red line of Sirte: coastal town that is a gateway to oil facilities

Escalating economic protests in Tunisia.
… in Tatouine, over unemployment …


Somalia: suicide bombing targets major Turkish military base.


Burkina Faso: “When the soldiers meant to protect you instead come to kill
… extremists, vigilantes, soldiers are all killing civilians in the north …

About a third of Nigeria’s workforce may be unemployed at end of year.

Fighting in the Sahel has driven 1.7 million from their homes.


Dubai will re-open to tourists from July 7.

Iraq’s Basra, its richest city, has little water to drink
… Shatt al-Arab, confluence of Euphrates/Tigris, has become polluted
… in 2018, 118,000 suffered poisoning due to pollution in water

Lebanon: Over 90k Syrian refugees struggling to find food.

Saudi Arabia will drastically limit the hajj.
… The “hajj is canceled, and grief rocks the Muslim world
… would “welcome very limited numbers of pilgrims”
… limited to those nationalities already present in country
… international pilgrims from outside not permitted
… first time restrictions placed on the hajj since 1932
… last year, of 2.49m pilgrims, 1.86m came from outside


India reports record daily surge in Covid-19 cases.
Delhi converting luxury hotels to Covid-19 care centers.
… hotel workers asked to take on role of hospital support staff …
8 hospitals in 24 hours: a pregnant woman’s crisis in the pandemic
… “nowhere would take her… an increasingly common story…”
… “people in desperate need of treatment keep getting turned away…”
Chennia locked down again as cases surge.

Pakistan: virus cases soaring, but must keep economy open
… “one of the fastest rates in the world… overwhelmed hospitals…”
… “trying to salvage a near-collapsed economy”
… “millions have already slid into poverty from pandemic restrictions”
… “many ignoring … calls to wear masks, obey social distancing rules…”
Pakistan’s “Covid-19 time bomb set to explode
Meanwhile, fighting has intensified in Baluchistan.
… #36 on the Top 40 Least 

Afghan war intensified in the past 3 months.
“Divorce isn’t an option”: Afghan women find hope in saffron scheme
… reveals the impact of drug addiction among men in villages

Central Asia eases lockdowns, cases shoot up.


USA: Delta to resume flights between Seattle and Shanghai on 6/25.
China will tighten grip on HK with Chinese security force.
Long read historical survey of events behind India-China border clash.
… anger surges in India over the border clash …
… China blames India for the clash …
… Chinese structures being built in the Galwan Valley.
Southern China: Worst floods in decades submerge Chongqing
… 5 meters above flood line … 100k evacuated … homes destroyed …
USA, China in spat over international students…
… US plans to cancel visas for students with ties to military universities …
Taco Bell to open in Beijing in September.

Various sources report a continued, concerted effort to crack down on foreigners:
… more interviews & interrogations are reported. More need for “clean computers.”
… China sometimes prevents foreigners from leaving using exit bans …
… Continued reports of foreigners feeling less safe in China …
… USA continues with “do not travel” warning because of Covid-19 …
… Those who’ve not been able to return because of Covid-19 less likely to go back …

China’s population is aging rapidly.
… by 2022, 1 in 7 will be over age 65 … economic implications …

South Korea strengthening entry restrictions for Bangladesh, Pakistan.

N Korea: “suspends planned military action against the South
… “blowing hot and cold is part of the strategy


Thailand to ease restrictions on foreigners entering …
… first foreigners allowed in will be largely skilled workers …
Thailand has gone 28 days with no local transmission …
… took rapid action, has largely stopped the virus …
… airport screenings, emergency ops center, 95% wearing masks, contact tracing, more
Democracy disappearing: statues of democracy leaders being taken down
… On 88th anniversary of Thailand becoming constitutional monarchy …


USA: How the pandemic has affected passports, global entry, TSA, more.
… Interstate disruption: NY, NJ, CT will quarantine travelers from surge states

European Union may bar American visitors as it reopens
… the final list isn’t out yet.
Spain lifts state of emergency after 3 month lockdown


(No new data sets this week.)


The pandemic has shifted the conflict patterns in Africa.
… wars have intensified, governments have cracked down harder on protests …

How the world is learning to live with Covid-19
… testing, quick response times, tightened borders, reminders of social distance
… S Korea: “Everyday life quarantine”
… will make travel from infected/surging countries to tighter borders more difficult

Slowing Covid-19 is speeding other diseases
… mass immunization programs halted to slow spread of Covid-19 …
… polio, diphtheria, cholera, measles all flaring …

The death of cosmopolitanism
… “borders re-opening slowly, arbitrarily…”
… “fueled by public health concerns, reveals undercurrent of xenophobia”
… “feels less like the future, more like a return to the past”

Airplane passengers hiding Covid infection show risk of opened borders

The emerging long-term complications of Covid-19, explained.
… WHO: severe cases can expect 3 to 6 weeks of recovery
… in some cases full recovery could take years
The epidemic of contaminated medical waste following Covid-19
… 240 tons of medical waste per day, 6x normal levels …
… insufficient incinerators could lead to health issues …


Safari moving toward password-less logins.

Google will auto-delete new users’ web data after 18 months.
… you can set it to delete after 3 months …

Facebook is rolling out a function to notify you if you’re sharing old news.
… checks if a link you’re about to post is over 90 days old …


H/T to the Roundup’s network of sources who contributed several links and insight for this issue. We are looking for advisory sources for the various regions, particularly people with decades of experience focused on particular regions and a key interest in the unreached and especially movements. Contact me via email if you’d like to recommend someone.

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